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TRUE CLOTH BRAID – Thorndike is the ONLY manufacturer of a true cloth constructed braid.  The next best option would be an actual hand made rug.

Guaranteed Full Size – If you order a 6 x 9, you will receive a full sized 6 x 9,  (subject to a +/- of 1”)   This is virtually unheard of in this industry.

Custom Sizes - If one of our many standard sizes will not work for you, we will gladly make your rug custom sized, without any significant added up charges or lead time.

Sewing Thread - We use a spun polyester thread with cotton wrap.  This is the most durable of sewing threads.  This same thread is used in the manufacturing of fine quality footwear.  Additionally, we color co-ordinate our thread to match the color of each rug.

Sewing Method - ALL Thorndike rugs are sewn using a lock-stitched method. 

Color Match  -  Thorndike can always guarantee a commercial color match because all our raw materials are manufactured to our strict specifications. Rugs are NEVER made from used or re-processed materials.

Filler  -  Blend of pre-shrunk cotton and synthetic fibers for the finest way to fill our yarn braided rugs.  Using only quality filler, you can be certain to avoid problems with color bleeding or shrinkage.
Hidden Joints – This is our own unique process of assuring the smoothest transition of colors, especially in our hit and miss designs.

Symmetrically Perfect – For most all of our braids, we take the extra step of braiding the end row completely by hand to assure a perfectly symmetrical rug.  There is no "rat tail" finish. For our yarn braids, we use the utmost care to taper down the last row, to create a very subtle finished edge.